Blank labels on rolls

Blank labels on rolls can be further on printed using thermal printer such as Zebra, Dymo, Bizerba, Sato, Brother and others or in ink-jet printers (Primera, Epson, Vortex). We offer both blank and pre-printed labels for the following printing methods:

1. THERMAL Printing – Labels need to be made of paper or film with special thermal coating to be used in the printers without TTR ribbon. We produce thermal labels of the following materials:
Thermal labels are either blank or pre-printed. We usually print colourful elements like logos and content visualisations in full colour and add a special coating that protects the label from humidity and expands the lifetime of the print head.

2. THERMAL TRANSFER PRINTING (TTR) – method that except for labels on rolls requires TTR ribbons. This way of printing gives the best resistance of printed data and allows choosing material of high temperature resistance. Disatvantage of this process is necessity of buying TTR ribbon but it is compensated with cheaper labels. Usually customers choose TTR when labels need to be made of foil and printed data has to be readable for a long time.
We produce TTR labels of the following materials:

All our TTR labels can have colorfull elements printed by us and customers only add black print by themselfes.

3. INK-JET PRINTING – ink-jet rollfed printers offer a possibility to print full colour customized data on blank die-cut labels. All ink-jet an aspecially Memjet printers offer high quality print combined with high printing speed. We constantly sell 3 different materials as rolls or die-cut labels:

Blank labels on sheets

Product samples: