Labels for extreme temperatures

Labels resistant to high or low temperatures must meet a number of requirements in terms of both adhesive properties, material endurance and print resistance. Depending on the temperature requirements and applications we offer labelling solutions for temperatures as low as -196 degreed Celsius.
When high temperature resisnatnce is needed we can supply you with labels that can withstand temperatures up to 650 degrees Celsius.

Let us know what temperature your labels have to function in and what is the application temperature and we will deliver you approperiate product.

Labels for difficult surface

For labelling difficult surfaces we use materials with glues that offer a specific bonding strength. There is nearly no surface that can not be labelled but it is necessary to remember that every surface is different and needs different solution. Additionally the conditions of operating of the label influence a choice of the face material. Sending an inquiry try to add as many details as possible about your application.

Examples of our products for difficult surfaces include:

Scratch resistant labels

Another group of our products are labels resistant to scretching. When your application requires the data on the label to be readable for many years and resistnat to wear and scratching we will propose labels with approperiate overlaminate that will protect the print.

In our scrath resistant range we can offer:

Product samples: