Outdoor stickers

Outdoor stickers are our specialty. Wherever both material and printing on the label must withstand harsh outside conditions we use the most durable inks, special laminates and adhesives that provide guarantee of readability of information for years. In outdoor labelling we offer the following solutions:

1. FlexOutdoor 3+ - the most cost-effective solution with an external resistance for a minimum of 3 years. The possibility of printing in full colour range of CMYK as well as Pantone spot colours. To provide you with a quote we only need to know what surface you would like to apply your stickers to.

2. FlexOutdoor 5+ - more expensive solution but tested for 5-year outdoor exposure.

3. FlexThin - extremely thin stickers used for marking items that are later on covered with a varnish. Label of this type causes minimal thickening and gives effect of direct printing.

4. FlexTransfer - a revolutionary method of permanent marking that involves transfer of print directly on to the desired item. Because FlexTransfer is not a label it can not be removed in one piece and the effect obtained is comparable to printing made directly on the surface. Recommended for the flat surfaces made of any material.

5. FlexRevers - stickers with the information readable from the adhesive side, additionally resistant to sunlight.

6. FlexDouble - stickers readable from both top and adhesive side. With additional barrier limiting shine-through. The print side of the adhesive additionally protected against sunlight.

Product samples: