Etykiety Specjalne

15. Stickers


This original form is usually created to interfere with public space, but not only. Stickers of this type are increasingly used as decorative materials and to give individual character to notebooks, notepads or furniture. They are usually humorous in nature, although they also refer to philosophical, political, religious or sports themes. In the humorous

12. Double-sided labels


These are special labels with print readable from both sides – top and glue side. In addition, we supply them with special anti-showing through layer designed by our company. Available solutions on the market usually are made of high density films but in practice print from both sides makes them unreadable and that was the

4. Poliamid labels


These labels are resistant to very high temperature, up to 260 deegres Celsius for up to one hour and even higher temperatures for shorter periods. They are engineered for products that are powder coated and for wave soldered PCB boards.

7. Dry ink transfers


One of our unique solutions are dry ink transfers that make ultra thin and durable marking. It is easy to apply and impossible to remove in one piece and enables you to apply print to your product by yourself. See the video of how it works here:

6. Sealing labels


We produce self-adhesive seals both blank and with print in two different technologies: as labels leaving „VOID” sign after removal and as destructible labels that brake when tried to be removed and thus are unremovable in one piece and very hard to remove without damaging the surface of the product.

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