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Special labelling solutions

In this category you will find special purpose labels. If you are looking for labelling solutions that will operate well in extreme conditions or should have special features you are looking in the right place. We will do what we can to help you find solution even to the most odd demand.

Examples of our special labelling solutions include:

Multilayer labels – sandwich and peel-offs2022-11-17T07:00:53+00:00

Sandwich labels are used whenever there is a need for easy removal of the label for further using it elsewhere. It is basically a label on a label. Peel and stick labels are made for enlarging a usable area of the label to squeeze in more information. In this solution we can achieve nearly 3 times more of printable area without increasing label’s dimensions.

2. Laminated labels with print protection2022-11-02T13:43:07+00:00

Due to special protective layer, laminated labels are very resistant to mechanical demage and chemicals. They are used whenever long term readability of print is necessary.

3. Labels for extreme temperatures2022-11-02T13:47:23+00:00

Designed for conditions where both material and print have to sustain extreme temperatures both in terms of cold and heat. When you need to mark product that will be frozen in 196 deegres Celsius or label hot red steel we will help you to choose appropriate solution.

4. Poliamid labels2022-11-02T13:48:46+00:00

These labels are resistant to very high temperature, up to 260 deegres Celsius for up to one hour and even higher temperatures for shorter periods. They are engineered for products that are powder coated and for wave soldered PCB boards.

5. No-glue labels that stick to smooth surfaces2022-11-02T13:49:57+00:00

If you need to label some surface and have the ability to easily remove the label without leaving glue residues this solution will be a perfect choice. Our no-glue labels stick to most flat surfaces without having glue. Contact us and we will happily send you samples and prepare an offer.

6. Sealing labels2022-11-02T13:51:00+00:00

We produce self-adhesive seals both blank and with print in two different technologies: as labels leaving „VOID” sign after removal and as destructible labels that brake when tried to be removed and thus are unremovable in one piece and very hard to remove without damaging the surface of the product.

7. Dry ink transfers2022-11-02T13:52:14+00:00

One of our unique solutions are dry ink transfers that make ultra thin and durable marking. It is easy to apply and impossible to remove in one piece and enables you to apply print to your product by yourself. See the video of how it works here: www.flextransfer.pl

8. Poliester labels for electrical appliances labelling2022-11-02T13:53:10+00:00

Poliester labels are made of strong white or silver film designed for durable labelling. These labels are used always when longevity of the label is important. They are capable of sustaining high temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius and are made for labelling of machines and electrical appliances.

9. Outdoor labels and stickers2022-11-02T13:54:00+00:00

In our offer you will find labels and stickers with outdoor resistance ranging from a couple of months to 5 years, depending on your needs. We have tested our solutions in special ageing chambers that simulate outdoor exposition in speed-up time.

10. Fluorescent, fotoluminescent and reflective labels2022-11-02T13:54:46+00:00

When you need your labels to be visible in certain lightning conditions or you just need your labels to stand out, we suggest using special materials and inks to achieve desired effect. Contact us for more info.

11. Masking opaque labels2022-11-02T13:55:31+00:00

If you want to be certain that your labels cover information underneath (e.g. wrong information) we suggest using one of our opaque materials. Our masking labels give you confidence of efficiently covering the elements that you need to cover and strong glue makes them hard to remove.

12. Double-sided labels2022-11-02T13:56:20+00:00

These are special labels with print readable from both sides – top and glue side. In addition, we supply them with special anti-showing through layer designed by our company. Available solutions on the market usually are made of high density films but in practice print from both sides makes them unreadable and that was the reason for inventing our anti showing through solution. Contact us to get a quote on our double-sided labels.

13. Labels removable from various surfaces without leaving an adhesive residue.2022-11-02T14:01:04+00:00

Labels with a light adhesive. After application, the label can be easily removed and no traces of adhesive will remain on the surface. Paper, as well as film materials are available.

14. Floor stickers2022-11-02T13:58:25+00:00

A special construction of the sticker makes the labels stick well to the surface on which they are applied. Thanks to the use of appropriate laminates, the print is resistant to abrasion and therefore does not lose its visual quality. The sticker has an anti-slip certificate.

15. Stickers2022-11-02T13:59:27+00:00

This original form is usually created to interfere with public space, but not only. Stickers of this type are increasingly used as decorative materials and to give individual character to notebooks, notepads or furniture. They are usually humorous in nature, although they also refer to philosophical, political, religious or sports themes. In the humorous variety, the inscriptions printed on them are often absurd and comment on famous people or current events. They are sometimes used in political campaigns or by various organisations. They are used by organizers of large cultural events or demonstrations. Stickers are also used in the catering industry. More and more often restaurants print their logo in the form of stickers which become a form of advertising – fans of a particular gastronomic establishment can stick its logo on their notebook or refrigerator. Always supplied as individual pieces, ready for distribution.

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