Production of self adhesive materials consumes resources of our planet. Even if we choose renuable raw materials from sustainable sources, the use of primary raw materials is still required. Instead, we propose producing labels while giving the garbage a second life.

By using materials that include recycled content we are able to deliver you labels that will decorate your product with waste, realistically reducing how much of it will end up in a landfill.

By using the “SecondLife” labels, we are heading towards a circular economy, and this is the best environmental action. As a result, the raw materials are not utilized, but return to be recycled and make new products.

Enviromental benefits of using SecondLife labels:

  • they give a “second life” to consumer waste
  • by choosing them you limit the use of primary renewable and non-renewable raw materials
  • they support the pursuit of a circular economy
  • reduce the overall negative impact of packaging on the environment

In our opinion, the use of recycled materials is one of the most appropriate approaches to the subject of ecology. The production of this type of material is more expensive, but it is a real action that stops the process of littering the planet. Conscious customers will surely appreciate brands that use such solutions.

Let us know what packaging you need to label and we will help you choose the label that will have the smallest enviromental impact.

Additionally, we will put our “SecondLife Label” sign on your label to let your customers know that you label your products responsibly.

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