Recycling Friendly

The topic of recycling has been around for many years. The assumption of the recovery of materials in order to re-create new items from them is right. In an ideal world, materials would circulate in a closed loop virtually never ending up in a landfill.

What does recycling really look like in practice, especially in terms of packaging and labels? Well, a label improperly selected for the packaging can effectively contaminate it and make it unsuitable for recycling.

Our “RecyclingFriendly Label” sign is given to labels that have been produced with improving of recyclability of packaging in mind. This applies to both/all : the selection of packaging material, the size of the label in relation to the packaging and the printed design itself, which must be adapted so as not to impede recycling.

Ecological benefits of using RecyclingFriendly labels:

  • they enable a circular economy
  • significantly reduce the use of primary raw materials
  • help prepare companies to meet the provisions of the amendment to the EU directives on the recyclability of 65% (by weight) of packaging by 2025
  • in some cases, they make re-use of the packaging possible, which is the most valuable activity for the enviroment
  • they anable recovery of clean glass cullet or plastic regranulate

Choosing labels that are recycling friendly, our customers know that their packaging has a chance to come back into circulation as recycled material and will not end somewhere in a landfill. In our opinion, this is the duty of conscious, sustainable business. We believe that this action will be appreciated by consumers. Write to us. Together, we can change your packaging to a more friendly one.

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