Less waste

Sustainability and economics can go hand in hand. We propose economic approach to sustainability based on the concept of Reducing.

The easiest way to reduce negative influence on the enviroment is to reduce the mass of packaging.

Papers and foils with reduced mass are specially designed to offer properties simillar to those of standard materials despite being thinner. Stiffness and opacity is simillar but generated waste is reduced by more than 10 %

Advantages of choosing sustainable Less Waste Labels:

  • reduced weight of raw materials used
  • production of thinner materials uses less enargy and water to be produced
  • printed labels made of Less Waste materials weight less and take less space in transportation what reduces their carbon footprint
  • production waste is also reduced in weight
  • our Less Waste materials are also usually less expensive than standard materials
  • materials with reduced weight due to smaller volume are delivered in bigger reels what translates into less wasted material on printing presses and higher printing efficeincy

Choosing Less Waste materials is a real sustainable approach that allows you to save money while doing something good for the Planet.

Contact us and we will help you out with implementing Less Waste Labels for your product.

Reduce weight of your labels with us and put our Less Waste sign on your product to communicate your sustainable approach to your customers.

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