ECO design
Part IV

Is it only the planet that benefits from eco-design?

By optimising labels from an ecological point of view, we gain much more than just a lower negative impact on the environment. Reducing waste, raw material and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is of course a priority. However, it should not be forgotten that a properly designed eco-label should additionally generate the following benefits for both the printer and the customer:

    • reduce the consumption of material needed for the execution of the order
    • reduce the amount of energy required
    • reduce production waste and therefore the cost of its disposal
    • optimise production time
    • allow companies to comply with legal requirements and therefore avoid paying fines
    • draw consumers’ attention to a more conscious product
    • a positive impact on company image
    • acquire brand ambassadors
    • positively influence the development of the company
    • make customers aware of the need for a more ecological approach to packaging
    • increase demand for products packed in a more ecological way

      EcoDesing labels – our approach to eco-design

      In order to make the complex and vast topic of eco-design of self-adhesive labels more understandable and easier to remember, we have decided to create 9 principles that guide us in designing eco-labels for our customers. We always try to meet as many of the following conditions as possible:

      E – Elimination of harmful substances (toxic glues and inks, fossil fuels, etc)

      C – Certified renewable materials from responsible sources

      O – Optimisation of design for less ink usage

      D – Decreasing weight and volume of labels

      E – Enabling of label removing if recycling process demands it

      S – Selecting of recycled materials whenever possible

      I – Increasing chances of recyclability by adjusting label material to packaging

      G – Generating as little production waste as possible

      N – NIR friendly – optimisation of label size, material and print for NIR waste sorting sensors



      Labels are necessary, they allow for effective communication, they solve many problems, and thus should not be a nightmare to recycle. Nowadays, thanks to the increasing access to eco-friendly materials, we can start to promote a more responsible approach to the use of self-adhesive labels. However, it all starts with proper and well thought-out design. A design based on understanding the issues of how products are packaged and how packaging is recycled.

      We hope that with this article we have managed to shed some light on the topic of eco-design and help designers and manufacturers bring more sustainable packaging to market.

      Eco-design is a case-by-case process. A “one size fits all” approach is not possible, so feel free to contact us for specific solutions.