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Discovering uniqueness through label enhancements and innovation in the production process – a UNIQUE offer among printing houses!

Discovering uniqueness through label enhancements and innovation in the production process – a UNIQUE offer among printing houses!

“Vision is not everything; it must be connected with action”V. Havel. Such a quote welcomes guests on the social media profile of Winnica Opole and we must admit that it perfectly reflects the way the vineyard owners present their collaboration. The history of Winnica Opole is a tale of great winemaking passion and love for detail. They wanted to make their products exceptional not only in terms of taste but also in product presentation. We started our collaboration when Mateusz and Monika visited us and presented the label project. In our conversations, it was evident that they cared deeply about ensuring that each bottle reflected the unique character of the wine at first glance.

Meetings and consultations

We began intensive consultations to understand how best to express the essence of Winnica Opole wines through the label. We focused on every detail, striving to capture the character of the beverages. After many discussions and trials, we concluded that a pearlescent finish on the label would best convey their unique character. This simple but elegant solution caught the attention on the store shelf.

Making an impression

This approach worked wonderfully. The project looked great on the selected self-adhesive material. However, after some time, it became clear that something was missing. The owners wanted something more. They wanted each bottle to be a unique work of art that could be touched. They aimed to create unforgettable experiences when holding the bottle. And so, the concept of introducing enhancement to the label project was born. After many attempts and experiments, we finally decided on 3D embossed lacquer. This gave the label a three-dimensional texture, distinguishing the product from the competition.

Uniqueness in details

The effects of our collaboration allowed the customer to enjoy a moment of uniqueness at the first touch of the bottle. Each embossed element of the label created a unique visual and sensory experience, encouraging the customer to discover the taste of the wine.

Innovation in the production process – a unique offer among printing houses

One of the key moments in our collaboration with Winnica Opole was the introduction of an innovative solution in the process of preparing wine for sale. We proposed the use of a modern label applicator, which we send along with the batch of labels. This solution proved not only accuracy but also saved them time and money. With the label applicator, the vineyard owners could independently and efficiently apply labels to bottles. After completing the work, they send the label applicator back to us, eliminating the need to invest in additional equipment that would only be used only during the bottling of wine. This solution accelerated the entire production process and preparation of wine for sale, allowing them to focus on creating unique flavours.

Therefore, we are proud to not only provide unique labels but also to engage in improving the entire wine production process for our valued customer. This is another step in our journey towards excellence and uniqueness.

Treasure in every bottle

Our collaboration contributed to the increased recognition of Winnica Opole in the wine market. Their labels became not only carriers of product information but also expressions of passion, attention to detail and uniqueness. Thanks to these enhancements, Winnica Opole gained the recognition of customers and experts, showing that not only the taste of wine but also its presentation can impact success in the market.

The story of the success

The history of Winnica Opole is a story of striving for excellence and uniqueness in the world of wine. It is an example of how collaboration and attention to detail can change the perception of a product and influence its success. It is a story that emphasizes that uniqueness can lie in simple , but carefully chosen solutions, and that passion and dreams can transform reality. Moreover, we encourage you to visit their Facebook profile at

In each of the posts you can see huge dedication, passion and attention to detail. There is a plenty of enthusiasts of their products and the number is still growing. We ourselves with great pleasure take advantage of their unique wine offer, when only an opportunity arises to celebrate special moments together.