Brand Story
Part II

In which we ask ourselves important questions

Despite a constant lack of time, we managed to find the opportunities to talk to each other and discuss many issues, to express our concerns as well as our hopes and dreams for the future.

Time spent in these conversations, often exciting, sometimes difficult, proved to be very fruitful.

Some of the important questions we asked ourselves included

  • What is the purpose of existence of our company?
  • To whom we want to direct our activities?
  • What is our personality and what do we aspire to?

As a result of these discussions, we came up with a coherent vision of the company, socially responsible with the lowest possible impact on the environment. It was quite surprising, as this particular direction is still innovative and the trails have not yet been blazed.

The enthusiasm and zeal that drove us allowed us to establish a coherent path – mission known as the Flexon Manifesto.

To continually improve our operations in order to grow, positively impacting our customers, employees and environment.

Values shared by our team, which help us keep our direction every day and help us survive difficult moments: