Especially for you! In celebration of summer! we present #SummerVibes☀️

If you want to label your products in an eco-friendly and visually appealing way, we have something very special for you! Recycled Paper with added Grass !!!!

To celebrate summer, a new material made of recycled paper with the addition of grass has arrived to our SecondLife offer!

Due to its aesthetic qualities, this material is particularly suitable for printing high-end product labels in the food and cosmetics industries.

It will also work well as a background for simple and minimalist craft label designs.

? This material is approved for direct contact with food.

As assured by the manufacturer, this new and innovative paper grade is produced using a readily available renewable raw material – grass. The fresh fibre content in these papers is up to 50%. This is an important advantage as it reduces the water intake required in the production process. Simple mechanical processing enables significant energy savings and thus a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Grass paper, comes in 70 g/m² weight and is recyclable and compostable.


✔️ high aesthetic value

✔️ recyclable and compostable

✔️ uses less water in production process

✔️ reduces CO2 emissions through simple mechanical processing

✔️ is produced using a readily available renewable raw material G R A S S 😍

If you are also captivated by this material, we invite you to get a quote !

Write to us:

  • what quantity of labels you need,
  • on what surface you will apply the labels and with which method ( manually or by machine?)
  • provide information about the printing, if you have a file with the design you can also attach it to the enquiry.

We will then prepare a quotation based on this. We can even send a sample of the material to the indicated address ;)

So don’t hesitate to write and let yourself be seduced by #summerVibes