Can labels be vegan? Well, they can!
You ask how is it possible? Here we explain :)

There is a common misconception that veganism is just a diet. Veganism is much more than that, it is a lifestyle that encompasses every aspect of life. The list of goods and products labelled as vegan goes far beyond food. The list includes clothing brands, cosmetic brands, make-up brands, bedding manufacturers, and even car manufacturers that are vegan-friendly.

American self-adhesive label manufacturer Avery Dennison recently joined the list, becoming the first accredited manufacturer to offer a range of products to customers who want to be able to reliably certify that no animal-derived components have been used or tested.

Certification was carried out by the independent organisation Vegan France and resulted in selected products being certified as EVE VEGAN®.

The vegan label range includes six paper faces, three adhesives and two liners that can be mixed and matched as required. Each product in the range offers performance similar to traditional materials, so there are no problems during production or application.


Accreditation is a must for products that declare their vegan origin. Brands, as well as manufacturers, are faced with the need to provide evidence that meets the expectations of consumer groups and animal rights organisations.