ECO design part IV

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ECO designPart IV Is it only the planet that benefits from eco-design? By optimising labels from an ecological point of view, we gain much more than just a lower negative impact on the environment. Reducing waste, raw material and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is of course a priority. However, it should not be

ECO design part III

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ECO design Part III What elements are involved in the eco-design of labels? In order to design a truly ecological label, it is first necessary to analyse the entire product life cycle, or LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) - a procedure that will define how the negative impact of the labelled packaging can be reduced at

ECO design part II

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ECO design Part II Ecodesign and current legislation. In our country, the obligations of the introducer? ( introducer?) of packaging to the market are mentioned in Article 11 of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Management Act of 13 June 2013). We can find in it that: "The introducer of packaging is obliged to reduce

Vegan labels

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Can labels be vegan? Well, they can! You ask how is it possible? Here we explain :) There is a common misconception that veganism is just a diet. Veganism is much more than that, it is a lifestyle that encompasses every aspect of life. The list of goods and products labelled as vegan goes


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GRASS LABEL PAPER !!! Especially for you! In celebration of summer! we present #SummerVibes If you want to label your products in an eco-friendly and visually appealing way, we have something very special for you! Recycled Paper with added Grass !!!!To celebrate summer, a new material made of recycled paper with the addition of grass

Brand story part III

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Brand Story Part III New logo The logo has gained a new, bold form. The typography refers to the layout of a flexographic machine. Its technical, raw look brings to mind a set of rollers, gears, and the role of the label material. This is a very apt observation. In the first version, the

Brand story part I

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Brand Story Part I What is the point of this ? And what is it all for ? Every change begets a reaction. Especially when a manufacturing company grows, has many employees and a large number of customers, as our does. Monday 21.03.2021 is the day we officially launch as #flexongoesgreen Want to see

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